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Into the Village Museum

This trip invites you to explore the hilly countryside, green pastures and small villages of the region. Additionally, the local lively museum is expecting your visit.
Coming from the railway station, turn right and bike the street Paulsdorfer Straße S 111 in direction out of the town. After having ridden on this country road for approx. 800 meters, turn right into the woods. Now bike about 1.5 kilometer to the crossroads. Take the turnoff to the left and ride approx. 1.5 kilometer up to Deutsch-Paulsdorf. In town drive further up to the castle, next to which the route leads to the right out of the town in direction Friedersdorf. After approx. 2.5 kilometers you will reach Friedersdorf. There follow the street Hauptstraße up to the big intersection. Keep right and turn at the next intersection again to the right until you reach Jauernick.

Here you can take a break and, for example, enjoy the great panoramic view from Kreuzberg to Landeskrone. Or you can make a quick trip to the lake Berzdorf which is almost completely flooded nowadays. The route now bows in direction of Pfaffendorf. Having arrived there, simply follow the street Hauptstraße heading north. At the end of the village, turn left into the street Schlaurother Straße and bike across pastures and fields to reach an intersection in about three kilometers.
Now turn right and then continue straight ahead until you reach the destination Markersdorf: The image of the town which is dominated by beautiful large farms fits gracefully into the hilly surroundings. Of particular interest here is the Village Museum: Approx. 250 years old is the strikingly pretty four-sided courtyard. The old residential and economic areas look like a hundred years ago. They give the impression as if the farmers and servants are on the field for their harvest and could come back at any moment, noisily or tired from day`s work. The farm is made alive by the cattle that makes its presence felt by grunting, neighing and bleating.
Moreover, the events orient themselves from threshing grain in winter to pig-slaughtering in late fall on farm seasons. For groups of all ages there are special events and projects dealing with the farm. In a small timber-framed house, there is the old village school located. With pen and sponge in the classroom, students and teenagers can learn how their great-grandparents learnt to write and compute.
The way back to Reichenbach crosses the B 6, then leads over the Kanonenbusch up to the street Königshainer Straße where it turns left and goes straight back into the town.

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Recommendation for arrival
Starting and ending point of the tour: Bahnhof Reichenbach (Railway station)
Bus stop: Reichenbach Markt

Duration: approx. 2 hours (on bike), Length: approx. 25 km,
Profile: only slight slopes

Village Museum Markersdorf
Kirchstraße 2, 02829 Markersdorf, Tel. 0049 (0) 35829 60329,
»www.oberlausitz-museum.de , Opening hours: May – October: Tue – Fr 10:00 – 16:00, Sa/Su 10:00 – 17:00, November – April: Tue – Su 10:00 –16:00,
Admission: 3 €, reduced: 1,50 €
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