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Bolesławiec - The town of ceramics

Situated in the south-western part of Poland, Bolesławiec is considered as one of the most beautiful towns of Lower Silesia. Thanks to rich clay deposits, the town became already an important center of pottery in the 17th century. Even today, "Bunzlau ceramics" is a paragon for original pottery.
The places of interest include the St. Mary`s Church with the beautiful baroque altar from 1725, the historic baptismal font and the pulpit from the 18th century.
However not only art- and ceramics lovers will enjoy it here: The picturesque surroundings is splendidly suitable for further, relaxing trips. Who likes fishing, should not miss out on the ponds in Krpnica, Stara Oleszna and Kliczków. Whoever likes the lordly life more, should by all means make a side-trip to the castle Kliczków. The residence, built in the Neo-Renaissance style, towers amidst of a vast woodland of the Lower Silesian plain only 15 km away from Bolesławiec.
Opening hours of the Ceramics Museum:

Tue-Sa.: 10:00 till 16:00, Sunday: 11:00 till 16:00 Thu: admission free Muzeum Ceramiki, ul. Mickiewicza 13, Tel.: 00 48-756 444 700 On the internet: »www.muzeum.boleslawiec.net/en/site (also in English)
Further information:

Tourist information Bolesławiec
Telephone: 00 48-756 456 400, Fax: 00 48-756 456 402
On the internet: »www.um.boleslawiec.pl (in English)
Further tips for discovery in the environment:

Castle Kliczków

To schedule information: »Bautzen - Boleslawiec

To schedule information: »Boleslawiec - Bautzen
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