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Czocha - Castle in a river valley

The bohemian king Wenceslaus II of Bohemia had built Czocha in the 13th century as a defence fortress. After being rebuilt in the 16th century from a medieval into an upscale Renaissance castle, it completely burnt out at the end of the 18th century. It was not until the beginning of the previous century that a Dresden industrialist has waken the sleeping beauty. It was carefully restored and modernized. Since then the castle has been considered an insiders` tip in the region. Nowadays, a museum and a hotel are hidden behind the thick walls. Martial games as well as medieval concerts are also organized here. Besides that, Czocha spoils its guests with old-polish cuisine, hearty knight feasts and dishes which are made in a medieval coal kitchen. During the summer, visitors can bathe in the reservoir Leśna or undertake long walks along the river Kwisa (Queis). Czocha lies near Leśna, about 30 kilometers from Görlitz. The castle is barely 200 meters from the bus stop.
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Castle Czocha (restaurant, hotel with rooms of all price levels, double room starting from 180 zł)

59-820 Leśna

Tel. +48 (0)75 7211553
On the internet: »www.zamekczocha.pl (also in English)
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To schedule information: »Görlitz - Czocha
To schedule information: »Czocha - Görlitz
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