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The small town Desná is known among tourists for its picturesque scenery and nature. To be discovered, there are the waterfalls "Black Desna", because of which the town established a special educational natural pathway in the year 2000. Going along the red marked pathway away from the town, you can reach the waterfalls, the cultural center and the dam. Peculiar pubs and taverns along the pathway attract the visitors for a comfortable break.
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Tourist information Desná - Tel./ Fax: 00 420-483 383 167 On the internet: »www.mesto-desna.cz On the internet: »www.tanvald.cz (in English)
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Roman Catholic church Residence Riedel with surrounding park Old Catholic church Railway station building including the cogwheel railway Water reservoir Souš Ruptured dam ("Protržená přehrada") Marienberg stairway
To schedule information: »Zittau - Desná
To schedule information: »Desná - Zittau
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