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Dial-a-Bus RBO (Der Rufbus - RBO)

The Dial-a-Bus RBO is a demand-oriented form of public transportation, in other words it operates only when „dialed” (ordered) by a passenger. The Dial-a-Bus rides are marked with a telephone symbol in the header of the timetables
The Dial-a-Bus is currently operated as follows:
1. RBO „Dial-a-Bus Bautzen” („Rufbus Bautzen”)

At your service according to existing ride requests
Monday – Friday
18:30 from Bautzen

in corridor to Weißenberg bus stops of the lines 107, 108 and 126 all the way to Weißenberg in corridor to Großdubrau or Uhyst/Spree bus stops of the lines 104 and 125 all the way to Großdubrau or Uhyst/Spree in corridor to Königswartha bus stops of the lines 103, 129, 190 and 198 all the way to Königswartha
The route as well as the utilized vehicle follow the incoming requests.

Required telephone orders specifying the number of passengers
Mo – Fr till 17:30 at (03591) 49 11 00 or 0800 9866 4636.

The ZVON-Tariff is valid.
2. RBO Dial-a-Bus – on all lines of the RBO (RBO Rufbus)

In case of individual rides marked with the Dial-a-Bus symbol in the timetables on lines operated by RBO, these operate:
only if the passenger has placed an order and only on the by the passenger ordered connection

The departure times within the timetable serve as an information for the passenger that at this given bus stop there is a possibility to dial a bus and to reach the desired ending bus stop given in the timetable.

Required telephone orders specifying the number of passengers at (03591) 49 11 00 or 0800 9866 4636: Mo – Fr from 7.00 till 18.00 and at least 60 minutes before the departure from the first stop (see the example) for the weekend until Friday 18.00 for rides on bank holidays during the last work day before until 18.00
The VVO- or ZVON-Tariffs are valid (given in the particular timetable).

Explanation using an example:
You want to get from the bus stop Nordostvorstadt at 14.26 to Fabrikstraße.
What is necessary to do?
You have to order the Dial-a-Bus at the latest until 13.20. The RBO then dispatches a vehicle according to the number of passengers` requests (there can be also other passengers who have ordered the Dial-a-Bus e.g. from the airport to the Pulsnitzer Str.) and takes you to your desired ending bus stop.
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Last actualization:
25. September 2018
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