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This town with its approx. 5000 inhabitants has been an official therapeutic- and recreational center since 1955. Attractively situated in the midst of lakes and forests, the town offers an unforgettable impression of the nice scenery of northern Bohemia to the visitors. The Mácha Lake, founded by the emperor, with its 4 beaches offers not only a water/beach entertainment during the summer but also discoveries of the nice surroundings due to a permanently operating boat. Pathways and castle ruins complement the picturesque scenery. The town on its own offers several historical buildings such as the Bartholomew`s church, the Renaissance castle or the Mácha Museum.Doksy is therefore suitable for a trip that is longer than a day!
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On the internet:»www.doksy.de (in German or in Czech)
To schedule information: »Zittau - Doksy
To schedule information: »Doksy - Zittau
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