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Jablonec nad Nisou

Jablonec nad Nisou represents with its nearly 50.000 inhabitants the administrative, cultural and sporting center of the Jizera Mountains. The dominant features of the city are the art nouveau buildings and private villas, mainly in the Podhorska Street. Already in the 16th century, the first craftsmen started the glass industry, which has been of a great meaning for the city even to these days. Collections and subjects of the glass industry as well as jewellery can be seen in the Museum on the Jiraskova Street. Worth seeing are also the Catholic churches of the city, the city theater and the city hall, as well as the dam and the former city streetcars.
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On the internet: »www.mestojablonec.cz (in English)
To schedule information: »Zittau - Jablonec
To schedule information: »Jablonec - Zittau
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