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Jedlová and Jiřetín p. Jedlovou

The castle Tolštejn, mentioned for the first time in 1337, belongs to the most visited landmarks of the Lusatian Mountains. Not far from the castle is an observation tower on the 774m high mountain Jedlová. On this mountain there is also a hotel situated which is open all year. Starting at the railway stations Jedlová or Jiřetín p. Jedlovou, the signposted hiking trails take approx. 3 km to the castle and the observation tower.
In Jiřetín there is also a museum which deals with the history of regional mining and the castle Tolštejn. The signboard of this museum represents the gallery of St. Jan Evangelista from 1781.
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Exact directions and hiking maps can be found on the website of the region Tolštejn Telephone: 00 420-412 379 264 On the internet: »www.tolstejn.cz (in English)

To schedule information: »Zittau - Jedlová

To schedule information: »Zittau - Jiřetín p. Jedlovou

To schedule information: »Jedlová - Zittau
To schedule information: »Jiřetín p. Jedlovou - Zittau

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