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SNPL - Operational Programme for cross-border cooperation Saxony-Poland 2007-2013

Sniezka - Preparation of a public transportation concept in corridor Bautzen – Görlitz – Lubań – Jelenia Góra – Kamienna Góra for tourist development in the Euroregion Neisse

The Euroregion Neisse is a region with many tourist attractions. Visitors are attracted by the mountains, wild nature, spas, architectural monuments, a fascinating history of this region as well as many other attractions. What poses a problem for the tourists is the unsatisfactory public transportation. It is lacking primarily in coordinated connections, integrated fares and ticketing and clear passenger information.

With the project the ZVON as the lead partner and the voivodeship Lower Silesia as a project partner aim at the implementation to develop public transportation in the Polish and German parts of the Euroregion Neisse in order to further develop tourism. A concept containing the following elements should be created:

Analysis of existing information on passenger transportation Situation investigations of individual passenger transportation sectors Illustration of the tourist potential of the area with determination of the sites generating the highest number of travellers, including locations outside the study area Proposals for solutions in order to improve the public transportation system in the common study area on both sides of the border Preparation of a concept for public transportation development in variants, taking into account the seasonality of tourism in Lower Silesia and Saxony Development of communication scenarios for tourists visiting the Euroregion Neisse

The aim of this concept is to develop an integrated transportation plan which should contribute to an improvement of the accessibility of the study area and help improve mobility.

Project timeframe: January 1, 2011 to June 30,2012

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25. September 2018
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