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Sychrov und Turnov - Welcome in the "Bohemian Paradise"

Castles as well as the center of the ,,Bohemian Paradise“ belong to the attractions of the region around Turnov. The town itself is also called the town of precious stones, then already since the 16th century there were workshops which specialized themselves in processing of those precious stones situated here. Only several kilometers from here, accessible by train, lies the castle Sychrov which belongs to the most beautiful ones in the Czech Republic. It is open all year round, guided tours can be ordered on site. In close vicinity to the castle begins the scenic area Bohemian Paradise with the rock town Hrubá Skála and the castle Valdštejn. The scenery is dominated by sandstone towers and boulders. There are numerous hiking trails very well signposted.
Further information:

For castle Sychrov:
Telephone: 00 420-482 416 011, fax: 00 420-482 416 012 On the internet: »www.zamek-sychrov.cz (in English)
For Turnov:
Town information Turnov: Telefon: 00 420-481 366 255 On the internet: »www.turnov.cz (in English)
Further tips for discovery in the environment:

Castle Valdštejn Castle Hrubá Skála
To schedule information: »Zittau - Sychrov
To schedule information: »Zittau - Turnov
To schedule information: »Sychrov - Zittau
To schedule information: »Turnov - Zittau
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