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Ziel 3 / Cíl 3 - Programme for promotion of crossborder cooperation between the Free State of Saxony and the Czech Republic 2007-2013


NISA:GO / NEISSE:GO Interactive information and planning system Mobility and public transportation in the Euroregion Neisse

Initial situation for the project and project requirements:

Against the background of demographic changes in the boundary region the maintenance of an attractive local transport offer is of great importance for the quality of life as well as for the region`s attractiveness for tourism, for its overall competitiveness in the regional competition in Europe. In order to ensure high quality public transport offers in the long term, new passenger potentials have to be unlocked. The target border crossing network of public transportation with tourist services as well as with an innovative form of presentation make a significant contribution.

Project description:

Core of the project is the evolution of an innovative instrument for the development of new passenger potential. In order to do this, a comprehensive, multilingual information platform and a modern planning tool (interactive route planner) are built by integrated use of electronic information technologies, which combine geobasis data, factual information (to all points of interest) and schedule data for all types of soft mobility (rail, bus, cycling, walking) in real time and which are available in several languages to all residents and guests throughout the region.

Innovations and added value from the project:

Through the progressive development of an integrated online information and planning system Mobility with focus on short distance transports and other types of "soft mobility" (cycling, walking), the project is innovative and technically and organizationally very challenging. The interconnection with diverse information about tourist highlights (information on their "soft" accessibility) also enhances the attractiveness of public transportation services but also of the tourism region itself both for its residents and guests.

Outcomes and target groups of the project:

Long-term provision and improvement of border crossing transportation services and thus sustainable development of the Euroregion. Through intelligent interconnection and innovative presentation of transportation and (tourism) infrastructural services, the public transportation will be made more attractive (increasing ridership) and the mobility of people especially in rural areas sustainably promoted. Additionally the new service quality also increases the tourist attractiveness of the region.

Target groups: prospective passengers (residents, guests), public transport carriers, tourist industry

Project timeframe: January 1, 2010 to November 30, 2012

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