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Single tickets

  • ‎Single tickets are valid for one journey, for the direction of travel indicated and are non-transferable once travel has begun.
  • The validity period depends on the ticket selected; you can break your journey and change lines as required.
  • A reduced rate single ticket is available for school children under 15.
  • If you are taking a single journey with a bicycle or dog, you will need a discounted single ticket that corresponds to the distance travelled.
Day tickets
  • ‎Standard rate day tickets are available for individuals and up to four additional passengers.
  • Dogs may also be counted as additional passengers.
  • Group size may be increased once travel has begun, but only up to the number of individuals indicated on the day ticket.
  • Reduced rate day tickets are available for individual school children under 15.
  • Network day tickets at a standard fare enable an adult to be accompanied by up to two school children under 15 free of charge. A third child under 15 may travel instead of an adult.
  • Distance related day tickets are available for individual passengers travelling short distances.
  • Day tickets are valid from the time they are stamped until 4am the following day.
  • An additional historical fee (Historikbeitrag) is payable by persons travelling with the SOEG. Your day ticket entitles you to travel on the Muskau Forest Railway free of charge.
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