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Link: www.zvon.de
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NEISSE:GO - an excursion planner with a passion for local public transport

The website www.neisse-go.de is an interactive excursion planner for Upper Lusatia and the Czech district of Liberec. Whether you are on foot or travelling by bike, whether you are looking for a fun outing, to explore the region or seeking a sporting challenge, this will get you to any of the region‘s many attractions without a car. The idea is to bring people together, because buses and trains do not stop at national borders.


  • ‎displays the tourist attractions of the Bautzen, Görlitz, Liberec districts and how they can be reached by public transport
  • can identify a variety of trips as well as bike-friendly routes and a range of modes of transport
  • takes you to castles, zoos and the mountain peaks of the Reichenberg region
  • collates ideas for trips including maps, routes and timetables
  • plans outward and return travel by public transport
  • finds the right ticket for you
  • combines current timetables, public transport stops, hiking and cycling routes as well as information on restaurants, accommodation and events in a single virtual map
  • offers a mobile version for internet-enabled devices on the go
  • is an EU-funded project and winner of the Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa award
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