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Timetable & information


Timetable information

Plan your trip in the composite areas from ZVON, VVO, VMS and ZVV.
You can also currently compile your journey within the EURO-NEISSE area in Poland and the Czech Republic via our online information.


Is my bus on time?
Simply call our departure monitor, enter the stop and look it up.
The departure and arrival data are generated by the joint RBL of ZVON and VVO.

schedule changes

Always up to date on timetable changes and traffic reports in the ZVON area. Whether it´s station changes, construction work, detours or timetable changes - we always try to inform you promptly. All information is provided in a timely manner based on the input of the individual transport companies.

schedule pages

All timetables for the ZVON-composite area currently available as a PDF version for viewing, downloading and printing.

Timetables EURO-NEISSE

Here you will find all timetables of the lines in the Republic of Poland and the Czech Republic that can be used with our EURO-NEISSE-Ticket. Please note the restrictions on some lines of ČD and railway lines in the Republic of Poland. "

details for station

Views, Location plans, map, Characteristics, current departures, service lines for all stops in the ZVON area.
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