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Europe has been growing together. The ZVON plays along!

Europe has grown. Even our neighbors Poland and the Czech Republic have been members of the European Union since May 2004. The ZVON has been offering, since the joining of Poland and the Czech Republic, a ticket that does not apply only to all relations in the ZVON, but that additionally includes also the use of selected lines within the Czech Republic and Poland.

Validity area of the EURO-NEISSE-Tickets

The EURO-NEISSE-Tickets are valid for all lines within the ZVON association area as well as for many selected lines in the Republic of Poland and the Czech Republic.
Likewise, the tickets are recognized with the RE-trains of the DB Regio AG and the trains of the Vogtlandbahn to Liberec / Tanvald and by the DB Regio AG to Zgorzelec.

Please note that the EURO-NEISSE-Tickets are only valid for some sections on some lines!

Line schedules of the EURO-NEISSE-Tickets

The up-to-date line schedules can be found in the attached .pdf file!

Sale and distribution of the EURO-NEISSE-Tickets

The EURO-NEISSE tickets are available at all bus drivers and train attendants of ODEG and Vogtlandbahn within the ZVON, at the automats of the DB as well as at common reservation offices.
The list of sales outlets can be found in the section »Sales points .
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