Link: www.zvon.de
Link: www.zvon.de
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For everyone who wants to enjoy 3 countries

  • ‎EURO-NEISSE day tickets can be purchased for between 1 and 5 passengers (irrespective of their age) and are valid after validation until 4 a.m. the following day.
  • The tickets are valid within the whole ZVON region, in Kraj Liberec, in the Šluknovsko transport district (Schluckenauer Zipfel, Kraj Ústí), in the Polish districts of Zgorzelec, Lubań, Lwówek Śląski, in parts of the district Bolesławiec and Jelenia Góra according to the current list of services on www.zvon.de. On some lines the EURO-NEISSE tickets are only valid for parts of the service.
  • The group can be extended during travel in accordance with the permitted number of passengers indicated on the EURO-NEISSE day ticket.
  • EURO-NEISSE day tickets cannot be transferred after departure.
  • Using the EURO-NEISSE bicycle day ticket at €4 you can also take your bicycle or a dog with you.

  • Please note that the EURO-NEISSE-Tickets are only valid for some sections on some lines!
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